Thursday, 14 July 2011

Unable to sign out from Office 365 Portal

Office 365's portal is a user friendly web portal that helps you administer Microsoft Online Services for your company.
Few Custmers using internet explorer 8/9 encountered a problem when signing out of the portal. This problem is not a major issue and it's quite easy to fix.
So what causes the problem?
The problem is the add-ons on your web browser which doesn’t let the page to function properly so the page tries to refresh itself failes to sign out and goes back to the portal homepage. This problem is least likely to happen using Firefox.
How to solve the problem?
Open your web browser go to Tools and hit Internet Options, go to Security tab and make these changes in both Internet and Local Internet:
First make sure the Enable Protected Mode box is checked and then click on Custom Level
Do the followings:
1.Permission for component and manifest : Disable
2.ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Allow Previously used ActiveX controls to run without prompt: disable
Now click on Programs tab and then hit add-ons and disable the following if applicable:
Groove GFS Browser Helper
Once you click disable it will disable the Office Document cache Handler and Groove Folder Synchronization automatically.
Note: it requires restarting the web browser to take affect.
Problem Solved!!

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